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No 1 Tuning Franchise Supplier of Tuning Tools

For over 20 Years from the smallest of startups we have become the no 1 tuning file supplier in the UK with 1000's of dealers Worldwide.

Top Qaulity Equipment with A fast reliable Gauranteed within the hour file service has been the cornerstone of our business.

TOP reasons to choose us

File price

Updates always done at cost price

Equipment Range / we stock everytool for next day delevery.


"Starting a Franchise was a big step but I am so glad I did the work rolled in & I had more family time never again will I go back to 9-5"

Steve Rapid

"So easy to start up the work is so easy! I was already good with facebook added instagram and this business gave me more money in a month than I would earn in a year labouring it was enjoyable get to meet like minded car enthusiasts & opportunity awaits anyone with the drive to succed I could not recomend Regal Tuning highly enough"


Choose your car and calculate your extra power thanks to Regal
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