Fiat Stilo 2002-2007 1.9 Multijet 150 bhp


The 1.9 JTD 16v 150bhp is the first incarnation of the Multijet engine. Utilising multiple injections per stroke it pushed refinement and power levels to a new high. With our software upgrade we can achieve 212bhp and 327lbft torque which gives for superb performance. A later development of this engine got released with 170bhp and 243lbft torque fitted to the Alfa GT and 147. This variant is a straight forward factory remapped version which uses the same turbo and Injectors, this therefore allows us to offer a factory 170bhp upgrade for those wishing to stick to factory specifications. We develop all of our software on the rolling road to ensure accuracy in terms of both power delivery and also to ensure fuelling, boost pressures and exhaust gas temperatures are all within tolerance. Our aim is for maximum power whilst maintaining optimum reliability.

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  • Power (hp):150 bhp
  • Regal (hp):180 bhp
  • Torque (ft/lb):225 lb/ft
  • Regal (ft/lb):259 lb/ft
  • Make:FIAT
  • Model:STILO
  • Body:1.9 Multijet 150 bhp
  • Fuel:Diesel
  • Engine:1910
  • Transmision:Manual