Jaguar X Type (X400) 2001-2010 2.2d 152 bhp


A long term development of the X Type engine has ended up with 197bhp and 325lbft torque. The 2.2 PSA engine is a strong performer with overboost facility and a 59lbft torque increase. The software will provide a minimum 197bhp where on some dynos it has been recorded at 205bhp and 343lbft. The power is solid all through the rev range with huge torque increases throughout and feedback is suggesting a 3-4mpg improvement. We develop all of our software on the rolling road to ensure accuracy in terms of both power delivery and also to ensure fuelling, boost pressures and exhaust gas temperatures are all within tolerance. Our aim is for maximum power whilst maintaining optimum reliability.

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  • Power (hp):152 bhp
  • Regal (hp):183 bhp
  • Torque (ft/lb):270 lb/ft
  • Regal (ft/lb):312 lb/ft
  • Make:JAGUAR
  • Model:X
  • Body:2.2d 152 bhp
  • Fuel:Diesel
  • Engine:2198
  • Transmision:Manual