Question. Is it illegal to disable, remove or bypass the AdBlue system in a vehicle that will be used on a UK road.

Answer. No, but you do have a responsibility to check and maintain your vehicles emissions and declare euro conformity and levels to the appropriate authorities. the removal of Adblue degrades the vehicle to Euro 3 level.

You can either choose for us to supply our box with full fitting instructions or for us to carry out the fitting service.

  • We specialise in AdBlue removal devices and remaps for trucks and tractors. Our emulator boxes and remaps will disable your AdBlue system.
  • AdBlue removal device can be moved and fitted to a new vehicle.
  • How it works: When the disable AdBlue box is fitted it will disable the AdBlue system and the truck will no longer use any more AdBlue. Our units can be disabled if you are not off road.
  • Why stop AdBlue: If the AdBlue system is not switched off its costing you extra money everyday. When the system fails the truck will go into limp mode which has to be fixed, which costs more money.
  • To book your vehicle in please call or email
  • Whether you wish to remove your Adblue system because it is broken and the dealer cannot fix it or you operate in a area where it is not required we can help.
  • Adblue adds considerably to your vehicle running costs, removing it will save you money.

About AdBlue Emulators

  • Adblue systems can be very expensive to fix when they go wrong, some dealers are charging £5000 to £6000 for this
  • Adblue can increase your vehicles fuel usage, removing it will help you save fuel
  • Most modern trucks have intelligent systems meaning with an ADBLUE fault they go into limp mode with reduced engine power, it will get you home but you cannot successfully operate a vehicle in this condition.
  • We take no responsibility if this device is fitted contrary to any applicable legislation.

AdBlue Solution

  • We are now able to offer a special made in house Regal Tuning emulator module that can be fitted to your truck within about 2 hours.
  • This emulator removes the need to put Adblue solution to your vehicle’s system.
  • Without Adblue, newer vehicles will lack power significantly and have multiple warning messages on the display unit, this module is designed so that you can bypass all of this.

AdBlue Removal Advantages

  • Full vehicle performance
  • No error messages
  • AdBlue system can be re-instated simply by re inserting fuse.
  • This item is intended for use in areas where AdBlue legislation is not in place or where Adblue legislation generally does not apply such as off road or racing.