Developed since 1991 to support the rising needs in car racing and competitions, the ‘Tuning Line’ introduced by Dimsport integrates an extensive range of add-on modules (RAPID and RAPID BIKE) with a professional tuning system developed for the electronic recalibration of the Engine Control Unit.

This approach fulfils a wider range of vehicles supported and a more complete platform for the customization of the engine working if compared with the solutions available on the market.

For more than twenty years, Dimsport has been synonymous of electronic tuning in the Automotive field all over the world: a complete and modular high-tech tuning line for professionals, available for any kind of vehicle available today even with DYNO dynamometers and road simulators.

The technological platform conceived and engineered during the years supports an extensive range of needs concerning the management of the working parameters of gasoline, diesel and gas engines; tools and software for the professionals of the tuning field.

A wide range of services designed to fulfill all Dimsport clients’ needs: one-to-one dedicated training sessions held either at our headquarters or via Skype, after sale commercial and technical back office (online, phone and remote support), marketing & communication activities to sustain our commercial partners.