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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Regal Tuning are specialists in the performance tuning of engine management systems improving the efficiency of the engine and giving your vehicle increased power, torque and fuel economy.

Cars, vans, HGV trucks, agricultural, bikes, marine even jet-skis we can adjust the engine management system to suit your needs.

We have 20+ years of experience and our state of the art 4 wheel drive dyno lets us develop give you the best possible files, our software has been developed and tested in house and is trusted by professionals worldwide.

We specialise in making start-up tuning company's instantly profitable with 1000+ dealers worldwide we know our stuff making it easy for you to start your own business.


Our Story

We started small very small, after a chance meeting with a car tuner at a show in 2001. We got talking & quickly realised we could help each other he could not solder I could! So as I soldered the chips he wrote the software we quickly learnt each other's jobs & parted ways helping each other for many years! Looking at the software back in 2001 and tuning early ECU car's like the 96 onwards P38 range rover is so far from what it is today back then the software was simple sometimes as little as a few map files to transform a car yet the chips all had to be de soldered rarely less than 32 pins in all, now everything is Plug & Play but the software takes great skill to master as the map files now are huge! luckily we have learnt along the way year after year progressing our skills & building a team and network to be proud of.

After initially tuning our own car's we quickly progressed to selling tools other user's sent map files via email we tuned & sent back via email.

The franchise really developed itself 1000's of dealers with very little advertising.

We supply most of the other tuning company's in the UK there slave tool's & most started with us.

Our workshop, Software developer's are 2nd to none.

we supply every tuning tool from every company as we are the No. 1 trusted company in the UK today!


Plug & Play solutions for more power.

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ECU Remapping for A smoother & more powerful acceleration & Torque.



Our Software will increase the enjoyment of driving your car.

Engine Work
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Lower the consumption of your car without losing power thanks to chip tuning.



Equip your car with the latest developments thanks to our own software.


Dyno Tested

Our Files are 4wd Dyno tested for maximum power & fuel

Suppliers of

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